Twelve Important Painting Party Details

  1. Dress to paint. Painting can and will drip all over. Vinyl gloves are provided for the hands.
  2. Plan on leaving paintings at least overnight to pick-up later. Except for 2nd class of Impressions & Stenciling. If your party is at your home have ready a nearby place to dry paintings on a painting drop cloth or in your basement, etc.
  3. Party at LS Fine Arts Studio, 509 W. Coates Ave., Monticello, WI is limited to 12 people or less. Non-alcoholic beverages of lemonade, herbal tea and coffee are provided. Any other refreshments are brought by party organizer.  
  4. Paintings can be shipped to your home when dry for the cost of shipping & handling if you have your party at LS Fine Arts Studio, 509 W. Coates Ave., Monticello, WI 53570.
  5. Open to all ages 12 or up. If younger than 12 yrs. old must have an adult supervising the child.
  6. Party at your location must be less than 50 miles from Monticello, WI.
  7. Each guest at party needs approximately 36"x 18" space to paint. So in your home you need to plan your space for the party accordingly.
  8. To your location, teacher can bring drop clothes, table coverings and (3) 6 ft. x 3 ft. & (1) 4 ft. x 2-1/2 ft. folding tables, which is enough table space for 7 guests.
  9. A video of the party will be recorded by the artist and an edited 1-1/2 min. version will be available to purchase for $25. Please let teacher know if you don't want your party images posted on the internet. 
  10. Each attender of the party receives a kit which includes everything needed to create the paintings. (Allergy note: one item has latex)
  11. A $50 deposit required to schedule. Refund will be granted if given 24 hr. or more notice.
  12. A minimum of $200.00 total per party. Example if cost per guest is $45, but only have 4 guests, party organizer would have to pay the extra. 

 Call 608-636-6075 or email to have these details emailed to you or to schedule. 

one room for up to 6 people at LS Fine Arts Studio

another setup if needed for an additional 6 people at LS Fine Arts Studio.