Why, What And How Of Audacious Faith Paintings


This technique is a beautiful gift from God. And any wonderful gift reminds the artist of the ultimate gift our loving Father God offers us through faith in Jesus for the forgiveness for our sins, because Jesus died on the cross for us and rose again to give us eternal life.

Colors have many meanings to the artist and she uses them to invoke moods or emotions. In some paintings, colors have been assigned spiritual meanings to then be combined in what she calls life paintings, others are portraying Bible concepts like living water, etc.

The technique the artist uses to get these effects, can be called pour painting. She layers different colors of acrylic paint in a container or containers with a silicone resist sprayed or dripped between layers and then tips the paint on the canvas to then pour it over the whole canvas and down the sides. No paint brush is used with the original pour, but the artist will move paint by with knives, sticks, & fingers and also drip paint and blow paint with straws and/or hair dryer. Some paintings after the first layer is dry the artist has then painted some details with a brush.

This technique the artist teaches in her art classes. Check out the schedule for upcoming classes.